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Silver State Machine, based in Las Vegas, NV, offers custom machine fabrication from your drawings or sample parts. We also provide CAD and CAM design service.

We have excellent repair services for large gear reducers, transmissions and pumps up to 900 hp. Because of our large selection of fabrication and machining equipment, in conjunction with our highly-skilled and experienced craftsmen, we can offer one-stop shopping for our customers' machining, fabrication and repair needs.

Check out our list of products to see the kinds of high-tech services the experts at Silver State Machine can provide for you. As these domains can be technically challenging, we can lay out our processes for your understanding, while offering you excellent prices.

Call today to see how Silver State Machine can build, repair or improve your complex machines and equipment!

Our new 5-Axis Water Jet

  • Linear scale feedback
  • Power 'Z' axis
  • Tech-Sense™ monitoring
  • High & Low preassure cutting/pearcing
  • Crash sensing break away head
  • Precision Stainless Steel Band drive
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Five Axis Water Jet Cutting Machine
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